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At the Help Menu, you can find this Manual, Blast2GO papers and information of the authors. In case of a bug or a malfunction of Blast2GO, you can save the log file and send it to or via the priority support (PRO Feature) .

  • App Manager: This option allows you to install/ uninstall Apps available on Blast2GO website and once installed the app will be displayed in the Analysis Menu (see Analysis Menu section).
  • Send Support Mail: Send an email to support with the log file already attached.
  • Save Log to File.
  • Startup Announcement

  • Feedback
  • User Manual: Opens a link with the user manual.
  • Account Information: Provides the information of the user account (PRO, Basic, Activation Key).
  • About Blast2GO: Provides information of Blast2GO, Java and the computer where Blast2GO is installed

App Manager

The App Manager allows you to install, update and uninstall Blast2GO apps.

Image appstore1

Figure 1: Show featured and other Apps

Image appstore2

Figure 2: Update and uninstall installed Apps

For additional information regarding the apps available see the manual online.