Data Distribution Charts

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Project Statistics

Once finished any step or at the beginning we can obtain a general character chart in which it shows how is the data distribution depending on the state of each sequence. We will be able to know the amount of sequences that belong to a concrete state.

The data distribution can be visualized in two different charts, one a bar chart and the other as a Pie chart.

These are the different states we are going to find in the chart:

  1. Total: The total amount of in the project (only in bar chart)
  2. Without Analysis: Sequences without processing or have been reset in the BLAST menu.
  3. With Only InterProScan Sequences that only have InterProScan and nothing else
  4. Without Blast Hits: It has not been found any hit for these sequences after BLAST step.
  5. With Blast: Successful sequences after BLAST step or they have been reset in the Mapping menu.
  6. With Mapping: Successful sequences after Mapping step or they
  7. With GO Annotated: Successful sequences after Annotation step.
  8. With Manual Annotation: Manually annotated sequences before or after executing the annotation step
  9. With GO-Slim Annotation: Sequences with GO-Slim Annotation

Each state will have assigned the specific colour as the Main Table Legend.

It is also possible to see the progress of the analysis. From the following chart we understand that the from the 1000 sequences 700 have blast results, but still need to be processed.

Image AnalysisProgress

Figure 1: Data Distribution Bar chart

Image DataDistributionPieChart

Figure 2: Data Distribution Pie chart

Image annot_results_big

Figure 3: Analysis Progress Chart